A Rose by Any Other Name…

As you were growing up, did you ever find yourself hearing the same words coming out of your parents’ mouths over and over?  My mom is best known for her, “I know you’ll make the right decision.”  The cunning of that woman, am I right?  For years, this little phrase manipulated me in the best way. When I was younger, it trained me to stop and think, “What would my parents say?” As a young adult, I’d hear her mom voice in the back of my mind saying these words, but rebellious spirit pushed that right on out of me. Now, I find it somewhat comforting; being a real-life, full-fledged adult, my mom has used this phrase to express her support and her confidence in my decision making skills. That might be a blog idea…a whole list of the top Bonnie Jean-isms.

My dad, though, had a few gems of his own. The one that influenced the title of my blog, The Hovanec Hotel, was one that I heard him utter most during my high school and college years. I am the oldest child in my family. What that means is that, essentially, you are the guinea pig for your parents. Come off it, parent readers…you know it’s the truth! As I had jobs and a social life (and I was one of my few friends who had a car and enjoyed driving), I was out and about from the age of 16. Then, after college, moving back in with my parents for a short time was a super shock to the system…they had to figure out how to be mom and dad to a person who could DRINK. That was also a major sticking point for my dad, but we’re over that now…11 years later. He was famous for saying that his house now felt more like a hotel where, “people fall in and fall out of this place at all hours.” The Hovanec Hotel became the moniker for my family’s home in far south suburban Illinois. We’ve used it as the address for parties; we’ve even got a motto now (“Together is the nicest place to be”).

via DaveBloggs007 on CreativeCommons.org

via DaveBloggs007 on CreativeCommons.org

I created this blog as a part of a class I was teaching at my job. I wanted something with alliteration, and something that truly identified the blog as something about me. My blog is not just about work; it’s not just about a specific concept. I’m writing this (and keeping it publically available), because I want to be able to share the things that make me who I am.  What better way to pay homage to the place I started out than naming my blog after it and them?

The tagline, “All Things Jennified” is something that I’ve made up. It’s the spot that gives a bit of my personality. I was an English Language and Literature major in college, so I’ve always said that gave me license to create new words at whim. Maybe this is a bold belief, but hey…progress, man.  Jennified, if you’re seeking a definition, would mean: “Ideas, beliefs and things loved, admired and defined as awesome by someone named Jennifer.”

So, there you have it! That’s where I came from, and I’m pretty darn convinced that I’d smell as sweet by some other blog name and tagline.

The view while I was driving from my home in the north suburbs of Illinois to my parents' house in the far south suburbs.  Kinda makes it worth the trip.

The view while I was driving from my home in the north suburbs of Illinois to my parents’ house in the far south suburbs. Kinda makes it worth the trip.


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