Success Story Sunday

Ahh, Sunday. It’s so hard to say goodbye to the weekends, even on the ones where I’m working. While I love the field I work in, I have learned the value of preserving one’s sanity.  Today, when I get home, I’ve got a cozy apartment, an awesome boyfriend and a Bears game ahead of me.  I just can’t wait to get there and just…be.  Seriously, one of my favorite times of the week is that moment where you get to just rest, reflect and disconnect for a little while.

Today, I’m just putting out a short post to remind myself of all of the great things that happened this week:

Family Related 

1. My awesome nephew has learned to burp on command.  One of my favorite things about this kid is his creative streak and his desire to laugh it out.  He isn’t perfect, of course no child is, but he is so perfectly HIMSELF.  And, that in and of itself is a major accomplishment.  He’s got a great disposition, and I love that he asks a million questions and has so much energy to spare.  He also loves to send AunJenn Snapchats, so it’s a highlight to get to see him doing these things even though I am farther away from him than I would like.

2. I, for the first time this season, get to sit down and watch a Bears game in REAL TIME.  I’ve been DVRing the games to watch when I get home, but it’s just not the same.  As a rabid fan, it has been very challenging not to get to engage in what’s been a long-standing family tradition for me. But, today, TODAY, there’s a night game that I can watch when I am off of work.  It will be great fun to get to do my armchair quarterbacking without knowing the outcome of the game!

3.  In two weeks, my wonderful little goddaughter Carley will be baptized.  I’m so honored and excited to get to have the honor of being her godmother!  I asked if I could buy her baptismal gown, and after sending pictures back and forth with her mom, the gown FINALLY came this week from Etsy.  I love the site, but man, it can be scary waiting for someone to hand craft your goods when you’re on a deadline.  I was really worried there for awhile.  You know with kids everything fits differently, so you want it to be comfy for her. But, her mom said that it arrived, was in good shape and looked awesome.  It’s always great to invest in those pieces…who knows, maybe one of our awesome friends will have a little girl to baptize in it one day! Hopefully, we’ll get some adorbs pictures and we’ll show off all of the seamstress’ gorgeous work.


1.  Received the news that I have been selected to present at a library staff-centric conference called Reaching Forward.  I submitted an idea to do a presentation that was a “grand tour” or e-library media.  It’s one of those practical things that everyone can use a refresher on how to do. I’ve participated in a few group presentations in the past, but this will be the fist one I am doing all for myself and by myself.  This will be such a great learning experience for me professionally, and I am so excited to get working.

2.  A dear friend of mine, Erica, asked me to join her team applying for a program called ILEADU.  It will give librarians the chance to create a library-based (and grant funded) technology projects that embody 21st century technology advancement.  I think it’s going to be a challenging process, but I’m sure that we’ll have so much fun getting together and putting these ideas out into practice. 🙂

Anyone else out there got a Sunday Success Story?  Hopefully, my beloved Bears are going to go out and earn a victory today…and not make me have to do a Monday Brood!


3 thoughts on “Success Story Sunday

    • Sad, but true. We’d been watching the Blackhawks play before that, and about 10 minutes into the Bears game, we switched back. Luckily, this is still the time of year where two sports I enjoy watching are in their seasons. When it gets to the basketball end, though…

      I don’t want to be a fair weather fan, either, so I’ll just keep my thoughts tuned to, “better luck next time.” 🙂

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