Midwestern Librarian who’s had jobs that are allowing her to serve the people and believe in the power of sharing information and resources for the greater good. I’m a teacher at my core, and this space is my opportunity to learn how to become a better blogger and connect with that temptress the blogospehere!

When I’m not out there librarianing, I can be found spending time with my amazingly lovely family (my nephews and nieces will be mentioned more than once, I’m sure!), friends and boyfriend.  I’m seriously into visiting art museums, appreciating the art of  tattooing, sporting my horn-rimmed specs and loving all the books as far as the eye can see.

Here, you’ll be able to find thoughts about my favorite hobbies:  binge watching shows on Netflix, learning to cook and thrive in my own little world, tabletop gaming, reading, reading and reading…and crochet.  When life allows, you’ll find me at concerts, sitting in the park under a tree, travelling and so much more.



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